In 1999 we expanded our High Roller Club from 25 players to 100 players. Our goal was not to recruit a big better but to make one. We created a program called a junior membership, which gives the smaller player an opportunity to get Level 5 information without having to bet the minimum 10 thousand a game that is required for club members.

Our goal is to make the player money on betting small and as they develop their bankroll they bet more. Eventually, the player would make enough money to meet full membership requirements. In addition, we have found a better quality player when they are developed and trained.

The time period of a Junior Membership can last anywhere from 60 days to a year, but if the player follows protocol and doesn't lose money betting on their own then advancement to a full membership is inevitable.

This program is designed for a player that wants to treat sports gambling as a business and not just a hobby or form of entertainment. Discipline is an absolute must and to advance diversifying betting accounts is also a mandatory requirement for growth, it is the responsibility of the player to find a legitimate casino for sports betting because it is prohibited for any executive of the club to make recommendations on betting facilities.

If you are a smaller player and you want to get Level 5 information this program allows smaller players to get Level 5 information. The club will review your application and an executive will contact you to discuss your application status.

Understand that not every applicant is going to meet our qualifications. We do welcome all inquiries and will do our best to respond as promptly as possible. Due to an high level of inquiries please expect 48 to 72 hours to be contacted.